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Glossi system check: Planet: Glow

Date of record: October 27th 1979

Location: Thunder Bar and Entertainment: Town: Leonia

The crowd goes wild as she happily concludes another night of singing and telling jokes with her fans Kimi bows and the curtain of the small stage rolls down.

Kimberly Trinitron was a titanium based android performer at a bar called Thunder located in a town called Leonia on Planet Glow, The first planet of the Glossi System. She was built and launched in August of 1979 and has since become the highest rated singer at Thunder with her every show (Kimberly Live!) being a sellout. However on February 7th 1981, things would change when what would become Kimi’s last show was a technical disaster. The audience of 254 people were left in upset and rage as Kimi had completely broke character and eventually herself. Reports in local Leonia times claim Kimi was making jerky movements, refused to interact with the audience, falling violently to the floor several times, making loud distorted sounds every 10 seconds and finally her head detached from her titanium body and fell flat to the ground. The anonymous owner violently threw the broken Kimi into a parts and service room where she would stay for 6 years next to a scrapped half finished android named Tami Trinitron. Kimi’s spotlight was replaced by a less technically complex singer named Sally who was more durable, realistic and interactive then the likes of her predecessor.

In the summer of 1987, One of Sally’s shows were interrupted by a highly unexpected occurrence of a rusted, angry Kimi kicking down the parts and service door. She came out dragging Tami’s endoskeleton heading towards the exit while making loud motor noises. After hijacking a helicopter, crash landing into a sewer and proceeding to an elevator, Kimi went down into a dark underground covered with plants, water, fireflies and crystals. 

After two days of resting, Kimi was soon shocked to see Tami’s endoskeleton awakened. She didn't say a word besides moving her joints. Kimi watched as she walked slowly around the area and started looting items left behind in the water. Tami mounted two speakers onto her head and covered herself in black leather clothing found in the sewers. Tami would begin to experience a corrupted memory. She pointed eyes of burning rage at Kimi for being a success and her left unfinished and proceeded to flee the sewers in which at that point, Kimi and her had been hiding for a fortnight.

Kimi ended up chasing Tami out of the sewers and into the streets of Leonia on a lightcycle. Killing several people in her way, Tami showed no mercy from her desperation for vengeance against the human race. She outran Kimi and boarded a spaceship taking off to another world. Her whereabouts and origins before being found in a parts and service room remain a mystery...

Kimi would lie in the middle of the streets of Leonia to see buildings on fire, riots breaking out and sirens screeching. She said in a very rusted tone “It’s only a matter of time!” and slowly grinned closing her eyes. 

Glossi 1 coming soon

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