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PlazmiTula?! Its PlazmaCRT!
Im a stupid idiot that makes low quality music if something comes up in my head.
I wish I could start a blog, but nobody would be interested anyways.

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This is the story to how I got into music and pushed myself to making songs.

January 2017. The Beginning.

Im 12 years old and im entering the stage of depression. But I had an old IMac G5 I previously wanted for Christmas. I found GarageBand installed on it and started lackey taking sample loops and putting them together. Unfortunately those files are wiped. I knew nothing of music, but I was still praising those crappy loops I began with.

Soon into late 2017, I go onto my dads IMac and see he had installed GarageBand to play around In it. I self taught myself how to put together a melody. So I made the worlds worst offkey loop called Quick Dance which WILL NEVER BE HEARD BY ANY HUMAN BEING EVER AGAIN!!!

Early 2018.

so I go back to GarageBand for messing around. I manage to come up with some small crappy off-key songs. They were both something and nothing at the same time.

Mid 2018. The Plazma Dance!

Im just zooming around YouTube doing nothing until I somehow discovered what FL Studio was. I proceeded to download the Mobile version since I didn’t have. a PC at the time and I managed to put a little tune together. I slowly put it together in over 2 months and this was all blind reactions.

Late 2018.

This is where things actually began for me. I was just making tunes through the demo version of FL Studio and it was going alright for me. I composed The Thinker and BlackOut! In October and those were the greatest things I have made since.

December 2018.

Now this was the time I got a full version of FL Studio. I knew I had to make more progress. I sat down, I made something horrible and cheap as soon as I got home from school and was completely disappointed. I then heard this synthesiser which I have used in several of my songs and it had my write a little something called Sky’s House Party. The demo had me thinking so I spent a week making the song. And it became a hit! It was nothing compared to The Plazma Dance! It was my greatest song. So good that my good friend HOTSTUFF DX made a wacky remix! I was so proud of the song that I had my break for Christmas until 2019.

Janurary 2019.

on New Years Day at midnight, I composed a little loop called Beginnings describing my anticipation for 2019 and how much faith I had in the year. Later the month, I was just playing around with the progress for SHP. Soon I had a little jingle going on in my head. I wrote it all down and soon I had Sky’s House Party Part 2 composed on only 2 hours and 30 mins.I don’t know if it was any good but I enjoyed making it.

Current. Early 2019.

Things have been taking off a lot. I however did spend months desperately trying to come out with a melody for SHP Part 3 to make a trilogy. Eventually I had a song called RadioPlazma! but coudnt take the same instruments from the first two songs used in it so i joined it with Part 3. The song was released like any other song of mine is uploaded. However, I got in a stupidly pointless argument with some friends of mine because I made very poor quality cover art. I though what’s the big deal Part 2 had shitty artwork, but this wouldn’t stop. I was panicking until my sister helped me out and redesigned the cover. And then there was no more mention of the song. As of now, I’ve released Clip Clap. I made it very fast from an early idea for Part 3 and quiet a lot of people enjoyed it.

As of the future, I’m not sure what will happen but let’s find out!


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